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 another glitch on The Ark

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another glitch on The Ark Empty
PostSubject: another glitch on The Ark   another glitch on The Ark Icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 2:59 pm

This one is really hard to describe but ill try anyways. When you come to the large structure near the beginning of it, you can jump onto it and then you walk up as high as you can. When the barrier pushes you off, you'll fall but then you stop in the air and you'll be moving really slowly. Then you move to the edge and you walk up to it.(you need 3 people for this[might work with 2])One(or two) people walk up to the top of it, look to your right, and youll see a wall and they keep jumping tryingg to get up higher on the wall.. The other person falls down on their left, right before the wall won't let you. That person keeps jumping trying to get up the rock and you'll eventually fall through the map.
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another glitch on The Ark
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